We have many possible approaches to help you achieve your wellness goals.



Homeopathy is a safe, natural system of medicine that has been used successfully for more than 200 years. It involves the use of specially prepared natural substances that encourages the body to heal itself. One can say homeopathically prepared remedies are not pharmacologically active because the healing comes from within. When taking a remedy it is a person’s own vital force that creates healing rather than the remedy.

Finding the remedy that sparks healing is entirely individualized. A person’s illness, no matter the severity, is a result of an imbalance which is unique to them. Remedies are selected to not only match a patient’s physical issues, but their mental and emotional uniqueness as well. Whether dealing with a head cold or depression, homeopathy helps the body balance itself.

There is no chemical toxicity to homeopathy which makes it the ideal system of healing for men, women, and children of all ages.  Especially during sensitive times such as pregnancy and infancy.


The Carroll Food Intolerance Method™

This description is currently undergoing modification.


Nutrition Support

Nutritional supplements are an important aspect of achieving one’s wellness goals. A customized protocol is designed using only the supplements that are clear of your food intolerance. These protocols can be based on a hair mineral analysis or simply on maximizing optimal health. Examples of wellness protocols may include vitamin D3, a probiotic and an Omega-3. Some stages of life invite special nutritional support such as pregnancy and lactation. Other times an individualized protocol is helpful with chronic medical conditions.
Nutritional supplementation could include vitamins, minerals and/or herbs.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient system of healing that developed in China around 2500 years ago. TCM relates the health of the human body to the concepts of “yin” and “yang,” opposing yet complementary forces, and “Qi” which is the vital energy that flows through the body. TCM works by activating the inherent healing systems that are already present within us. Most TCM therapies focus mainly on strengthening the body’s natural defenses and enhancing its healing capacity.

Based on TCM principles Wei Laboratories’ products are formulated in combination with discoveries of modern scientific research and medicine.  This unique marriage of Eastern concepts and medical science produces herbal formulas that are very effective in restoring health.

Wei Labs’ formulas feed the body the necessary nutrients to help the body to heal itself. For example, the Wei herbal patches when applied to injured and painful joints, broken bones, and other muscular injuries relieve pain and decrease inflammation.


Hair analysis

Hair tissue analysis is a laboratory test that measures the mineral content of the hair. This test is a non-invasive means of obtaining a “tissue biopsy” that reveals both mineral and toxic metals within our cells. A small hair sample is sent to a laboratory where it is analyzed. Although hair analysis is controversial in some quarters, Analytical Research Labs, Inc., is a very reliable laboratory that does not wash the hair sample before analyzing it and produces very accurate reports. When a hair analysis is properly performed and interpreted, it is an invaluable screening tool for evaluating nutritional status and general biochemistry.

The hair analysis report not only indicates mineral deficiencies and excesses; but also the relationship between key minerals. By analyzing the mineral ratios and relationships, information can be derived about organ and gland function, mental and emotional tendencies, as well as how the body is responding to stress. Many disease ‘trends’ can also be identified, making hair analysis an excellent and cost-effective tool for wellness counseling.

The hair analysis report from ARL is used to provide an individualized supplement protocol that supports the body nutritionally.